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Current Generation Reasoner Landscaping Owner; Ward Reasoner on his 42 acre Nursery in Parrish, Fl.

This page contains Reasoner landscaping history as well as there is a personal message from the Ward Reasoner of Reasoner landscaping below the history.

Reasoner Landscaping, our roots run deep:

In 1881 a remarkable young man of 17 came to Florida, settled in what today is known as OneCo and began to fulfill his dream of propagating a nursery in the warm environment of Florida. With a few seeds and an unbridled enthusiasm for both learning from others and trying new methods, Pliny Reasoner began what would become a widely respected horticultural career. Joined by his younger brother Egbert in 1885, the Reasoner brothers built a world-recognized nursery. Today, Reasoner landscaping is Florida’s oldest nursery & landscape company.

Reasoner landscaping - Pliny Ward ReasonerReasoner landscaping - Egbert Reasoner

“But the essence remains: a real passion for flora”

The history of the Reasoner family and Florida horticulture are intertwined. In 1980 Egbert was one of the first six men inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame and Pliny was inducted the year after. The brothers were the first two inductees from the horticultural field. Their dream has evolved from a fledging grove of oranges to a thriving multi-faceted enterprise: landscape/hardscape/irrigation design and installation. But the essence remains: a real passion for flora and an honest enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and experience with others.


Reasoner Landscaping Plant Pioneers

In addition to the link’s below we also have a book available for purchase at the nursery that was written by Norman J. Pinardi. Please contact us to purchase as we always invite you to learn more about the Reasoner family and our impact on Florida horticulture.

Personal message from Ward Reasoner of Reasoner Landscaping:

current generation reasoner landscaping family
Thank you for visiting Ward Reasoner & Son’s Landscaping, Inc.. Railroad employees have long said that Oneco got its name as a result of Reasoner Brother Nurseries. Railway bills of lading identified the town as a One Co. stop; thus, the name Oneco. Our nursery was the town’s largest and most significant enterprise.

Ward Reasoner and Son’s Landscape business is the oldest in Manatee County and the oldest nursery in the state of Florida. We have been family owned and operated since 1881 and continue to serve Sarasota and Manatee county still today. I (Ward Reasoner) am the forth working generation, and hope to have my teenage sons be the fifth.

Just to name a few of our past customers, Thomas Edisons home, Disney World, and Versace, Although these are names that most people recognize and are on a large scale we can adapt to any budget. We can also do the landscaping in phases to make it fit in your budget. No job is too big or too small. We provide free landscape estimates for commercial as well as residential.

Reasoners offers landscape design/installation, pavers, irrigation system, landscaping lighting and more. We have nothing but surpassed our customers expectations and we would like to add you to that list. We have a very competent and knowledgeable installation crew, sales department and office staff. Just to let you know, I personally am involved in every aspect of the business, and would be readily available to speak with you throughout the entire process.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you with any or all of your landscape needs.

Ward Reasoner

On behalf of Ward Reasoner, we welcome you to Ward Reasoner & Son’s Landscaping, and invite you to look over our portfolio and at any time feel free to call or contact us for your very own free landscape estimate.

332355_10150359628335955_2129596_oFor further information regarding Reasoner landscaping’s historic background, please feel free to browse over articles at the following locations: University of Florida’s extension office, USF’s Digital Library & University of North Carolina.

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